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  • I would just like to take the opportunity to thank Kabs Cares manager Lisa, My daughter started with her counselling with Lisa only 5 weeks ago. The difference in my daughters attitude and confidence is just amazing. I cant thank Kabs enough and most importantly Lisa who has made a major improvement to our lives. Thanks Team Kab's!!
  • NB Neil has been diagnosed with ptsd from his military days so life is difficult as it is. 3 years ago Neil was involved in a life threatening accident as a passenger in a car. He had injuries all round his body and limbs and it didn’t look like he would survive. Neil being Neil fought his way back, he has had a ridiculous amount of operations had a set back with sepsis and was advised that he may need to lose one of his legs because of losing that much of the bone inside but he chose not too. After over 2 years in a wheel chair and 1 side of his body that will never be the same again he is now walking with special designed shoes and aided with a walking stick, Neil struggled with depression and anxiety but  dispite this he is now picking himself up and training as a result of working with Tommy who is also a veteran with that army mentality it has helped. It is our aim to work together, lose body fat which will help his knee joints, tone, improve health and the most important thing for Neil is to try to become happier for him and his family. In his words recently he said “I’m starting to feel good again”, Credit to Neil for his resilience, mental strength and determination for where is at now. With the love support and guidance from his family firstly and myself I know we are going to achieve great things!!
  • Clients from care merseyside
    "I did enjoy the session; it was hard work but in a good way. Makes me feel motivated. Session was varied which was great. It was really good, it was excellent. Tommy Cashen was brilliant. Will definitely return next week. Nice bit of banter here and there and we all got something out of it" Stanley Kostrzewski "Tommy did at it at the right level. At first, I was worried as he was ex-army, but we could all do it and I really enjoyed it. I had a good chat with him afterwards. It was not all about fitness it was about mental health too, and how it would motivate us. Really looking forward to going back next week" Jay Johnson “Helped that there were others there that had also been referred starting with their GP. Felt good to get ready and get out not because you had to but because you wanted to. Gets me out on a Monday evening, I really enjoyed it looking forward to the next one.” Andrew Haughey
    Clients from care merseyside
  • Hi Tommy, I would just like to thank you on behalf of myself and #teamcarrmill. Your support and willingness to help with Henry this week has made a difference. We try our best at Carr Mill to give our children the very best on every level. We want them to succeed and be the best they can be, but this won’t happen if they’re not in school. It has been a bit of a battle, and it may not last, however we try and working collaboratively has made a difference. Many thanks to you and Dan. Henry will email you Monday morning. Enjoy your weekend! Ingrid and #teamcarrmill
  • Karen - Kab's club parent
    My 2 boys have been going to Tommy’s boot camp sessions for kids for over 2 years now. They have tried other after school clubs but they have never stuck to them. They go on a Monday and often ask on other days of the week ‘is it boot camp today?’, they are really disappointed when I say ‘no not till next Monday’. I have watched the boys grow in confidence, and they have developed better hand eye co-ordination. They also learn how to cope when things don’t go to plan, or they don’t win. They have also learned to work as a team and so their social skills have improved too. I can’t recommend this club enough, and the summer camp sessions are amazing! Really helps keep the kids busy in the 6 weeks holiday.
    Karen - Kab's club parent
  • Debbie Kershaw
    Oliver has been going here at st Gabriel's school where he attends and he absolutely loves it. Tommy is amazing with them all I don't no how he does it. Oliver always comes out telling me what they've been doing and says he can't wait to go back. Another 3 more days of him going to the summer club Oliver was a bit sad about that ha. But he is loving every minute. Thank you Tommy x
    Debbie Kershaw
  • Gemma Balmer
    Thanks Tom, our Dylan has loved this week, has talked about it none stop, I 100% recommend this club, this is what the kids need, and you have gave it to them. Your a hard worker and make sure at all times the kids reach their ability. We'll done. 👍
    Gemma Balmer
  • Tracy Duckworth
    My kids have took part in many sports and activity clubs over the years, they’ve always got bored after a few sessions. We found this club by chance and my kids love it! They’re constantly exercising from start to finish without even realising it because they find the games so much fun! As an added bonus I can see the weight dropping off my son each week
    Tracy Duckworth
  • Stephanie Corkhill
    My 2 kids attended Kabs Kids Summer Holiday Boot camp today. They absolutely loved it. Thomas was there to greet us straight away and made the kids feel at ease. The kids have had so much fun and couldn't wait to tell me what they've been up to. Back again tomorrow for another day filled with fun and team work. Thanks again Tom x
    Stephanie Corkhill
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Hello Tommy, I just wanted to tell you my daughters counselling sessions are going really well. she said she feels like Lisa (Kabs Care’s manager and leading therapist) has been so helpful and they are really making a massive impact on her life and her mental health. Lisa has got a lovely way about her, she is an asset to Kab’s. “I can’t thank your team enough”. Kelly