PTs and Bootcamps (Adults)


TC PT Fitness

With over 25 years experience in health and fitness, our training style is unique and effective.

We provide a unique, professional and tailored approach to our clients. We are dedicated to working in partnership with clients to ensure they achieve their personal goals.

Session 1
The most important part of the personal training process is session 1. Finding out all about the client by way of a consultation and lifestyle questionnaire. This is followed by health checks, weight and measurements checks, fitness testing which is optional, nutritional advice and using all this information we will together develop a unique personal program for you!

Boot camps
We have boot-camp sessions in local community centres, Gyms, workplaces and even in schools with teaching staff. This training is for all levels and ages. We have 3 instructors carrying out a wide range of training and different styles to help you gain maximum results!

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