The mentoring role
This is a multi-faceted role aimed at tackling lots of issues relating to the pupil’s circumstances and behaviours, not only to benefit the individual but also link in with the school’s overall performance framework and the whole school development plans. This role promotes a collaborative approach and motivates the individual to achieve their life goals and aspirations.

Examples of Kab’s approaches are:

  • Set targets and goals that are achievable and in line with the overall school’s objectives.
  • Performance reviews against targets and goals.
  • Provide a range of strategies for pupils to embed based on individual circumstances
  • Reward and recognition an example being. Example a shelter building activity which is a session where we would build a military-style shelter, carry out some aspects of cooking and the teaching of basic refreshments i.e., tea and biscuits. This has been a really enjoyable activity for all of the pupils I have worked with and is a
  • Staff sharing their knowledge and life experiences with the mentees so the pupils develop their knowledge and understanding of the world of work, corporate culture and are inspired to follow their dreams and aspirations
  • Helping to develop a variety of life skills some of which include communication, organisation, team building and leadership skills through enriched cultural capital experiences (visits to historic sites, theatres, galleries and through the encouragement of reading for pleasure which is now part of the quality of education judgement
Small cohorts
This would involve intervention work with a targeted cohort of pupils. Focusing on the development ofself-esteem, mental toughness including confidence commitment challenge and control. Improved attendance.collaborative skills. Through the intervention’s children, pupils and young people learn how to follow instructions effectively this in turn focuses on improving their social and intellectual development.

Strategies include:

  • Challenging pupils to work under pressure whilst keeping their cool and managing themselves effectively. It could also be focussed work for pupils who struggle to listen, follow instructions and make the right choices. The development of social and emotional aspects of learning
  • A variety of team tasks – Scenario practical team tasks to develop team building skills
  • One to one as per above mentoring
  • Behaviour groups developing their self-awareness and management of their own behaviour through seal activities
Full class approach
The information would be obtained regarding the issues within the class and any individuals, who struggle to cope, manage themselves, their feelings and behaviours.

Strategies include:

  • Following a scheme of work focusing on the specific issues within the class that can be measured.
  • Promoting positive growth mindset and attitude towards challenges and obstacles set in tasks.
  • Identifying strengths and weaknesses within the team, understanding the skills qualities and attributes of individuals
Additional Services
Afterschool club for pupils–The clubs involve fun and challenging activities that could be offered to simply enrich pupils or as a reward for pupils. The club could be a Boot camp style session for parents and carers to try to build a relationship between the two. I have previously delivered a 4-week programme entitles “dads and Lads” too which was successful in the promotion and development of positive relationships with fathers and their sons.Boxing and Circuit sessions have also been a huge success. At Kab's we also offer Staff Team building for departments and or whole school CPS. We also build excellent trusting relationships with parents based on mutual respect and tackle issues such aspoor attendance, behaviour and offer support for improvement.

All packages offered to schools are personalised and built in collaboration with school’s leadership teams to meet the needs of the pupils and tackle the issues faced in that particular school. Together we build bespoke packages delivering focussed intervention work and implementing SOW which are fun and challenging which making and measuring impacts along the way.

Community Centre groups
  • I work in a number of community centres with a view to developing young people as individuals and as part of a team.The sessions are interactive and engaging with the young people developing life skills through games and activities. Sports and team tasks are a huge favouriteand the young people love developing their skill setswhilst having fun simultaneously
  • We offer bespoke packages and schemes of work to fit particular groups and meet their needs.
  • We also continue to work on the development of young people through the building of links with local communities and schools.
Rewards sessions
Full day. Whole school approach.Delivering all aspects of health and well being.The reward day is linked to behaviour and Attendance.

For an outline on our prices for reward sessions please refer to our rewards eFlyer by clicking here